Hello from Sean

Experience Design

SFU Italia - Legacy and discovery Experience

In the summer of 2014 I was part of the SFU Italia Design Field School. This was a once in a lifetime chance to travel with 11 of my peers to Italy in order to understand the context of Italy and how old and new designers work with this context to create some of the worlds best design. Over 2 months the team interviewed 15 of Italy's most talented designers and created documentary style videos of each experience.

The documentation was necessary to create our legacy project which was an experience crafted for the web to give future generations of SFU SIAT an educational tool to utilize to better understand the Maestros of design in Italy. This website is the culmination of our design, cultural and personal learning throughout the field school and will continue on its own to inspire other young designers long after we have left SFU.

The project was a finalist in the student category of the 2014 Vancouver User Experience Design Awards and was also presented during Vancouver Design week 2014.


Stria - Client and web Experience


Stria is a blog service offered to artisans to craft their online digital persona.

Clients get pages catered to their craft made for the platform along with high quality media focused on telling their story to a broad online audience. This accompanied by exposure through the Stria platform's social media pages, allow for small artisan businesses to reach their brand to a wider audience and gain notoriety on the web.