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Love Jules

Love jules leather - Work life balance

The project

While studying interaction design methodology, myself and 2 other students began a long process of working with a local shoe company to identify a design problem we could address. We employed many design research methodologies including cultural probes, informance video creation, co-creation sessions and user research interviews.

The Insights

It became clear that the couple was burning the candle at both ends in order to make ends meet for the business. They were not taking in any money since their kickstarter campaign and had a backlog of nearly 300 shoes. With Jules being the sole cobbler and only being able to produce a single pair a day, they were in the grind of their life, and quickly becoming discouraged and anxious about the future of their business. Our design problem turned out to be about an age old problem of work life balance. 


Because the couple lived and worked in the same studio space, our method of separating their work and life was with a very real wall. It would be made out of modular compartments. The side facing their living area was a shelving unit that could be used to hold potted plants and other paraphernalia for the couple. The shelves also had holes drilled through them to allow for indoor vines to grow through them in a meditative activity for Jules, thus binding the modular compartments together. The project was selected to be in the SIAT open house and was given to Love Jules Leather soon after.