Hello from Sean



The project

Stria was born from the immense will of 5 design students who saw the project through 3 years of their undergraduate degree. It revolves around providing the digital craftsmanship of our group of designers to those who engage in traditional craftsmanship. It creates a symbiotic relationship that brings benefits to both groups. The digital natives provide the content that drives business for the companies, then use the content to power a blog that garners further value.

Brand Strategy

As a team we possessed the same doggedness that was common in the craftspeople we were interacting with. The Stria Brand reflects the team and our commitment to authenticity and our digital craft. Our videos and web components were to reflect this.  


The films we created for the various makers are intensely personal. These people have dedicated themselves to create. In some way or another, they believe in their product and it pushes them to continue, and improve. The work you see being put in really makes you appreciate how much of someone can be in a single object.


The website's main use was to spread the media we collected from our many film shoots and interactions we experienced. Each maker's page was meant to communicate their story, their origins and how the approach their craft. The future intention however, was to create a blog entity on all channels of social media that would all lead back to the site.


  • Stria's Vimeo page has nearly 50,000 views
  • 5/6 maker's reported an increase in orders or web traffic
  • 1/6 maker's used exclusively our media to make a new website
  • 300 Facebook likes with a successful launch party
  • The first REAL project for my porfolio