Hello from Sean


Gruppo Nove - A Legacy of Design Knowledge

The project

A bi-annual field school to research and document the design culture within Italia from multiple design perspectives and disciplines. The goal was to expose ourselves to a new contextual design scene and communicate our learnings back to the world. This was all completed through a series of cultural films, interviews and a web platform.

The Interviews

During our time in Italy we were focused on capturing the wisdom of all of the designers we interacted with so we could communicate the knowledge back to our fellow students. We wrapped up all of them with the somewhat silly question of "What is design?"


From the beginning of the project we were obsessed with the idea of legacy and how the knowledge we had gained as designers in Italy would be passed down to the next generation of students. With this in mind we set out to make a digital touchpoint that could showcase all of the content created in field as well as let us express ourselves as a group. 

What I did and why I mattered

  • Led research and interview of 2 esteemed designers in Italy
  • Was a crucial part of the film team and led a bootcamp on SLR cinema
  • Edited final version "What is Design" video, along with 4 other of the shortfilms
  • Proponent of Brand Strategy both before, in and after being in field
  • Researched the futurism movement in Italy which led to the form of the final brand
  • Part of the ideation of the UX of final website
  • MC'd the presenation of the site during Vancouver Design Week
  • Represented the team during the Vancouver User Experience Awards